• November 11, 2022 6:01 am
  • Nairobi
KSh 3,000

We present to you the most comfortable breathable, padded and adjustable wrist support, for night or day use, ideal for relieving pain in cases of carpal tunnel syndrome. This wrist support helps relieve wrist pain while you sleep. This medical grade wrist brace is for women and men; select the left or right hand model according to your needs.

Relieves carpal tunnel pain and reduces ulnar nerve pain; Provides support and compression to keep your wrist joints pain free. It’s a great solution for typing or other repetitive motions. This wrist brace stabilizes and allows your wrist to recover faster from injuries.

Relieves symptoms of wrist arthritis and tendonitis: Reduces wrist stiffness, swelling and inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis. Helps speedy recovery and rehabilitation from wrist injuries, overuse strains, repetitive strain injuries, wrist surgery, broken wrists, broken arms or thumbs, or as a hand brace.

Wrist immobilizer for support, wrist splint to provide joint support and comfort. Provides support when typing on the computer to reduce wrist pain from working all day at the office. It helps when playing sports, lifting weights or exercising in the gym. It is great protection in a sprained wrist or ulnar nerve injury.


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