• September 1, 2022 4:57 pm
  • Nairobi
KSh 5,300

The automatic, infrared thermometer is a stand-alone system that allows workers and visitors to measure
their temperature quickly and accurately. The device sounds an alarm if a fever level temperature is detected.

  • High temperature measurement accuracy, precision tolerance: ±0.2(34~45℃)
  • Red light flashes when the temperature is abnormal, Simple and clear, better know health
  • Infrared non-contact measurement you don’t need to take it in hands and reduces the risk of cross infection
  • Respond quickly and large clear LCD screen with great readability which can reduce queue time

1. Measurement method: No contact with forehead of infrared thermometer
2. Theory: F and C degrees (Fehrenheit and Certigrade)
3. Accuracy tolerance: ± 0.2 (34 ~ 45)
4. Automatic alarm for abnormal temperature: red light flashes, continuous alarm sound
5. Distance: 5 ~ 10 cm
7. You can choose between removable AA batteries (not included) or USB power connection.
8. Placement: wall mounting  / double-sided adhesive tape / bracket fixed/Tripod stand
9. Display: Digital display


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