• August 31, 2022 5:53 pm
  • Nairobi
KSh 3,800
Product Information
The Omron M1 Basic is designed to make blood pressure home-monitoring easy. It is small, light and easy to carry, automatic for easy operation, and applies IntelliSense technology so you test by just pressing the ON button. It uses AA batteries which are readily available in shops and supermarkets. It is clinically tested and validated for ACCURACY according to WHO standards. It also has a large digital display for easy reading and interpretation of results.This device is designed for Self-BP monitoring.Key Features Include:

  • Digital Blood Pressure Monitor/ Upper Arm Blood pressure meter/ Portable Automatic Sphygmomanometer
  • Display Type:LCD Digital Display
  • Measurement Range 20-280mmHg (0-37.33kPa
  • Heart Rate 40-180 beats/Min
  • Pressure :Within +/- 3mmHg/Pulse
  • Work Mode:Automatic inflation and measurement

Operating Condition

  • Power Source :4 x1.5v AA batteries
  • Measuring Method:Oscillometric method
  • Air Pressure :70kPa-196 kPa
  • Temperature -20 deg C -40 deg C
  • Cuff Circumference :Fit arm circumference 22cm-32cm.


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