• September 1, 2022 3:00 pm
  • Mombasa
KSh 1,500

A Digital non-contact infrared thermometer used for measuring body temperatures. The thermometer can also easily switched to checking objects temperatures such as baby’s milk, water temperature etc.

Key Features

  1. Product name: Non-contact infrared thermometer
  2. Model:BZ-R6
  3. Accuracy +-0.2 (25-43 degrees c)
  4. Detection time: 0.5s
  5. Detection distance: 1-5cm
  6. Battery:2 x AAA batteries
  7. Size 160mm x 100mm x40mm
  8. Temperature units: degrees Celsius and Fareinheit
  9. Memory groups,32
  10. Colour: Purple/white
  11. Other content please refer to manual
  12. Key Highlights
  13. Easy to switches from human body temperature mode to object temperature mode.
  14. Easy to turn on and off backlight
  15. Changes screen colour on different temperature ranges ie. Green, Orange, Red


  • Category : COVID-19 Medical Supplies

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